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The Rules

I’m pretty laid back by most accounts but there are a few things that aren’t allowed.

  1. No Discriminatory Slurs. So that’s racial sexist and any other sorta bigotry is also not allowed.
  2. No Threats of violence. See these are pretty reasonable, right?

Well that’s all I can think of for serious issues.  Then their is simple edict stuff all of which I can sum up with don’t be a prick.

Oh and bring facts to the table if your going to debate. and please do debate, its far more interesting to see both (or more) sides of an issue.

That’s it, now have fun.



1. Rob - December 19, 2006

?/???/ ???/???? ???? ??/?

2. bob - January 15, 2008

jYYzpT hi great site thx http://peace.com

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