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Randy Kuhl lied to me November 1, 2006

Posted by Kilgore Trout in Campaign.

I rarely expect politicians to uphold campaign promises, but we’re sinking pretty low when they can’t even keep the promise through the campaign. During the Elmira debate both candidates Kuhl and Massa promised to run clean campaigns. Up until that point there had been some minor slinging but really they had stuck to the issues quite well. It could be said that they were both guilty of negative campaigning as both had stated the opponents position in a negative connotation. But most still consider an opponents voting record fair game. But recently Kuhl has turned to what can only be described as negative campaigning. I’m not talking about the “sniper ad” as its completely despicable and would be a more accurate portrayal of Kuhls positions than Massas but that ad was run by the RCC (or is it RCCC?) so while I think Kuhl could stop the ads if he really wanted, he did not approve them.  But there have been other ads including a radio ad which do include his approval which I can only see as negative, not to mention completely untrue.


Kuhl and the gang have used a common republican claim that the democrats want to raise your taxes. No one wants to raise taxes, at this point we may need to raise taxes, or at least reverse the massive tax reductions for the rich, in order to pay for all the wasteful spending of the last few years. If things had been managed appropriately then we would not have the budget deficit that we now have. If we had not given billions in tax giveaways to the rich and to huge corporations then we could have easily paid for the Katrina clean-up. Of course if republican shills had not been put in charge of a position that was left nearly impotent after being thrown into the largest government agency ever created (again by “small government” republicans) then that response might have even been effective. This administration, both the executive and the legislative branch have simply failed in every conceivable way. And now when the Democrats take back some of the power and try to restore order they will be called the bad guys for raising taxes. I for one will not stand for it.


            So to you Mr. Kuhl, you are a liar, you broke your promise to me and to this district. You said you would not run a negative campaign and within a month you have done just that. I knew you were a scoundrel a cheat and a liar before, but now you have lied directly to my face. You must have assumed that we are too stupid to remember what you told us, to dumb to actually check your voting record. You have lied to us for the last time, this district is not stupid, and we will not allow you to slap us in the face again. Have a good week, after that you will be a lame duck, not to say you weren’t before.


Scandelicious October 24, 2006

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Lets see the country hates the Repubs, The war is a mess, the economy is up but real wages are still down, the liberals are angry about well I don’t have time to list everything we’re pissed about, the social conservatives are mad because they’ve been let down by those they put into power (not enough gay hating) there have been more scandals than I can count lets run through a few shall we? In no particular order,


Delay illegal money

Abramoff illegal money

Foley/Hastert little boys/cover-up

Domestic Spying illegal spying

Torture illegal interrogations

Cunningham illegal money

The guy with the money in his freezer

Katrina a general f-up

Billions of tax payer dollars “lost” in Iraq

“missing” weapons in Iraq

Bush lying about EVERYTHING

Cheney shoots his friend in the face and doesn’t tell anyone for a day

Pentagon lying to the 9/11 commission

Global Warming, Creationism in the schools

The Patriot act

Dafur genocide

Selling of our Ports to Dubai

Selling our port security to China

Guantanamo- still no trials

Rendition – doesn’t sound bad, its just our word for sending prisoner to other countries to be tortured

Millions of peoples Military/personal Info lost or stolen


There’s more but those are the first few major scandals that pop into my head right not. Maybe that’s part of why no wants the Repubs in power anymore. Well that and their big goal of screwing up social security failed, that’s actually a good thing but it was seen as a failure by those who like that sort of thing. I think the country is finally seeing that they have been played like a fiddle, we’re less safe than in the past, and the war on terror is creating more terror. Or maybe people are just mad cause their hasn’t been as much gay hating as they had hoped for.

The Debate To End All Debates (between Massa and Kuhl) October 20, 2006

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Last night the final debate in the 29th district of New York was rebroadcast. It was in Rochester in a news studio with no audience. That must have been a relief to Kuhl who has faced an oppositional crowd every time, there were even rumors of a person who was basically heckling him the Bath debate. That’s just uncalled for. I must say its very hard to try to watch these debate’s and give an objective view, or sorry, objective is a bullshit term in this instance. I work with psychologists who are always saying they are being objective and they aren’t, physicists can be objective, anyone studying people cannot. They do their best at being objective but its not. What I mean is that I want to see the debate the way most people in the area do, this is very difficult when you know the persons voting record. When Kuhl says he’s for Ethanol, does the average voter realize that he also supports drilling in the ANWR, does the average voter know what ANWR stands for? (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge) This means that he’s for energy independence but not sustainable energy. To be independent unsustainably while destroying the environment is not much to brag about. When Kuhl says that he’s for increasing the minimum wage, does the average voter know that he voted against it until they added in repealing a tax on the richest people in the country? Its impossible to watch and say how would I be influenced by his arguments if I didn’t know the truth. At least he didn’t mention “the ethanol bill” again.


Opening statements, eh heard ‘em before nothing real impressive. Massa had a similar style as the Elmira debate, he starts off quiet and lets the energy build, never gets loud and out of control, there no Dean moves going on, but you can see the fire build. By the end it was impossible to miss the passion this man has, and that’s something that’s been sorely lacking in politics- Passion. (more…)

Torture, WTF? October 17, 2006

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Torture. It’s the kind of thing where because of all the build up to it I wasn’t shocked when it passed. But then you take a step back and reflect and the plain truth comes out, we’re America, we don’t torture people. That’s it. Make any argument you want for its you and I’ll say blah blah blah, we’re America we don’t torture people. I cannot imagine standing in front of congress and saying that you think we need a law legalizing inhumane treatment of prisoners in order to fight terrorism. If your torturing people then which side of the gate are the terrorists on? Torture is by definition terror. It also amazes me how many people don’t even know its going on.


Even my conservative buddy was a little stunned that we actually legalized torture, he then went into the standard response of well I’d rather torture a few terrorists than let innocent people die. Of course the fact that we aren’t torturing people convicted of anything, we are legalizing torturing suspects means that we will be torturing innocent people as well, but that’s acceptable to the opposition because… um, Remember 9/11!!!! Not that torture can be used to prevent an attack because its known to be a highly unreliable way to get info from a person so then what’s left as a justification? Revenge. I don’t want to be a part of a country who’s international policies are based on crude revenge against an entire race. Its wrong and it’s as un-American as anything I can think of.


And for the record this issue finally came up in the Massa-Kuhl debates and as you would expect Massa a Navy Vet is opposed to torturing innocent people, and Kuhl who pulls shotguns on people during a dinner party is in favor of it. Oh and an interesting side note, a Japanese officer was sentenced to 15 years hard labor for waterboarding an American. So a practice that we described as a war crime 60 years ago is now being legalized…

 Land of the free, home of the brave.

More from the Debate October 17, 2006

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I got good feed back from people on yesterdays (I started this a few days ago) review of the Debate. My favorite one was an Email from a member of Massa’s team inviting me to the Debate last night. I was not able to attend as we were celebrating my grandfathers 83rd birthday, I love a good debate but sorry folks family wins. My point was that it great seeing that little old me can actually have some influence. In public I’ll be the cheerleader, but if given the chance I will be the biggest critic of those I support. If the candidates are constantly told they’re doing great then they won’t change, on the other hand if their mistakes are pointed out then the can improve, and that’s my goal, I don’t just want to have Dems elected I want Great Dems to be elected. Ok now I’ve got a few things to bitch about…


Oh and now I lost the article but the Olean paper mentioned Eric’s booming voice so I think he followed through with his promise, I wish I could have made it. Oh and Eric I saw a camera guy at the debate, when is the debate going on YouTube? I want to see the full debate no editing, if you have it. You say you won hands down every debate, so if you have it that would be a great way to let the people who missed it on TV see what happened, if you don’t have it you don’t have it and there’s not much we can do about that. Or are there legal issues because it was taped for tv? I wish I had a tv tuner video capture thing… oh and I guess I’d need cable too.


In spite of what I just said this is actually going to be ripping into the opponent. Kuhl made a few remarks about an Ethanol Bill, I was a little confused about this as I had never heard of an Ethanol Bill, and Ethanol is something I pay attention to. I have been a little out of the loop lately so I figured it was possible that it had slipped by me. Eric cleared things up  for me. Kuhl’s Ethanol bill was simply the Energy bill that had a provision mandating that 8 million barrels of ethanol are produced. Seeing as we consume about 21 million barrels a day (correct me if that’s wrong) 8 million isn’t much to brag about. Ill give him credit that it’s something, but it’s clearly wrong to then go around calling it “the Ethanol bill.” Later he even mentioned that while he supports alternative fuel he also supports drilling in the Alaskan Wildlife Refuge, which is utterly unacceptable.


After talking with a couple of family members about the Debate I got mixed reviews. My father who is a Republican solely because of his strong anti-union feelings, if you wonder about those look in the Best of section for my Labor Day article, who said that Kuhl won but only slightly. This is a person who would never admit it but is really a bit liberal at heart, at least on the social end. But after having his lively hood stolen and his dreams crushed by the biggest Dem supporters he cannot vote that way. Then there was my uncle, he’s quite conservative overall and he flat out said that Massa won. My dad wouldn’t let me speak till both of them were done because he knows I’m a Massa fan and wanted his brother opinion first. It was understandable. My father is never one to watch a single show at a time and did admit he was flipping around during the debate, which means he may have missed some things.


So whats it mean? Is Massa garenteed the win? No, not even close. But Kuhl is scared and he should be. This is going to go right down to the wire.

Oh and in the Lawn sign wars, at least around here Massa is clearly ahead although I am starting to see more Kuhl signs. I think this was mentioned before but I also think Massa has a better logo, bigger letters, more vibrant. Its probably a good thing I don’t have a lawn, It would look sill with the number of signs Id have up right now.

Massa vs Kuhl round 2 October 11, 2006

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So Last night I was able to attend the second in the series of Debates between the incumbent Randy Kuhl, and challenger Eric Massa. This was my first political debate and well I didn’t get there early enough so I ended up in the lobby with about 50 other people watching the debate on a TV. I tried to be as fair in my judgment as possible, it’s tough to ignore your own biases but you do the best you can.


I found it interesting that about a third of the crowd I was around was wearing Massa for Congress shirt or buttons. At one point I think I saw a Kuhl sticker on the back of a electric wheelchair as it left but it might have been a Massa sticker. Then at one point when everyone laughed at a Kuhl mistake it became quite clear that almost if not everyone there was a Massa supporter. This is a very republican area, so having all Dem supporters in the crowd is weird and I like it but I’m not exactly sure what it means.  Hopefully it means that the Dems are fired up and the Repubs aren’t


Also I have issue with these debates. The format is terrible, the fact that they do a lightning round where they only get to answer in yes or no is sad. Can we not hold politics to a higher standard then game shows? Even in the standard part there isn’t enough time. I know that 75 seconds is about a minute longer than the average attention span but seriously you can’t discuss real issues in that little time, it just doesn’t work. I guess I expect too much out of our media. (more…)

Spitzer Campaigning with Massa September 21, 2006

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To be honest all I heard about spitzer right from the start was that he was a shoo-in so I never really found out anything about him, so I still don’t know anything about him other than that his is going to win.

If you want more info about some of the upcoming events just look here (more…)

Why I Hate the Democratic Party September 20, 2006

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This shit upsets me more than a little. I get an E-mail saying this.

With all the respect due Congressman John Murtha, when the following headline appeared on page one of the Washington Post and was flashed around America, he did a great disservice to the Democratic Party and to Democratic challengers for seats in the Congress:

Hawkish Democrat Joins Call For Pullout


Which led me to respond with this.

I respectfully disagree, actually I’m leaning more towards the disagree…


If Dems are still afraid of Republican slogans than they have no right to be in government. The great disservice come from those who are not willing to stand up to those who break the law out of fear of persecution. The majority of Americans want at least a timetable to withdrawal from Iraq. Yahoo News: War Critics


Im just gettin’ warmed up (more…)

DCCC takes notice September 20, 2006

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The D triple C has the NY-29th listed as an emerging race. I thought the race emerged back in ’05 when Massa signed up as the first person officially running in the ’06 election but what do I know. Anyway this is a great sign for how close this is going to be. Both sides recognize this as a big opportunity. The Dems obviously want to take the house and the Repubs want to keep it, also there aren’t many red districts in NY and once a person has won their seat twice they typically hold onto it for quite some time. So the Repubs want Randy Kuhl to win and to hold that seat for several more elections I’m sure, and while Eric Massa has been far from falling in line with the Democratic party he has been able to put Kuhl on the defensive which is so important in this election. Anyway just a minor note about more evidence on how both sides are getting geared up for what is looking to be a great battle.


Oh and here’s the link


Massa’s new ad hits the Net September 14, 2006

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Lets see if he sticks to the whole, no personal attacks and trying to keep a positive outlook.

WordPress wont allow videos so I can only give you a link to YouTube: Massa Ad Let me know what you think.

Just for comparision here is YouTube: Kuhls Ad

I haven’t watched Massa’s so ill update later when I have a chance to see them both back to back.

Hillary Won! September 13, 2006

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(Sarcasim in title)

Democrat and Chronicle: Top dems crush opponents

Yup, she won, shocking. I have serious issue with her war stance and were I a registered Dem I would have voted for Tasini, at the same time he had no chance. I want to help on campaigns I want to change things but I also don’t want to waste my time on campaigns that have absolutely no chance. Plus were I actually connected politically I would be careful who I make enemies. There is going to be fallout for those who worked with those who lost. This general view that you always have to be careful where you step, and that if you voice your opinion you will be ostracised by your peers, is a major reason why I had always been reluctant to get involved directly with politics.

Cheney campaigning for Kuhl September 12, 2006

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WXXI Cheney reportedly to campaign for Kuhl

I would love to go to this event. I’ve never met Cheney and something like this would be a good chance to talk to him without him alreadly being on the deffensive. Its rather disarming being surrounded by supporters. I wouldn’t be able to ask truely pointed questions or I’d get kick out. Or maybe not, I suppose if you’ve paid a thousand dollars then maybe you would get a chance to ask some questions. Same for Kuhl, I’d like to get to talk with him even just for a couple minutes to get a better sence of the guy. Ok well thats as far as I can go with being nice. I’m fairly sure that evil isn’t contagious so I should be safe in the same room as Cheney, might wear some garlic just in case. Of course seeing as I wasn’t sure if I could swing the $35 for Massa’s event I know I don’t have a grand to drop on Kuhl’s. I know a current VP is a bigger draw than a former Senator but damn, $35 vs. $1000 kinda shows what type of people support each candidate. Of course it is a little risky I mean bringing in the VP is a great way to motivate your base but at the same time that VP is no well liked, the guy has been around the 20% approval rate for months now. This move also shows that while Kuhl keep talking as if Massa is hardly a challenge he is obviously acting as if he knows that the threat is real. It keeps being listed as one of the closest races in the country. This one is going to go down to the wire unless something big happens, and it will get ugly. Massa keeps saying he refuses to play dirty and that he will not do personal attacks but outside groups, MoveOn on the left-newly renamed Swiftboat on the Right, don’t have to play nice. Kuhl has also said that he won’t do personal attacks but his response to the MoveOn ads were pretty much attacks so I won’t be shocked if the mud slinging will commence shortly, hopefully not. Who knows maybe both sides will stick to their guns and avoid all that and stick with the issues… hey it’s possible.

Max Cleland in Corning September 11, 2006

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This is actually a post from another event for Eric Massa featuring Max that was held in Little Valley. The Rural Patriot: Max Cleland w/pics

I also was able to attend a fundraiser for Eric which featured Max, but I didn’t have a camera hence the link above. If you don’t know him Max Cleland is a former Senator from Georgia who was wounded in Vietnam and needed three limbs amputated. He earned the right to be heard, to say the least. Then I heard him on CNN- C&L: Swiftboating at which point I decided that I was going to make it to the fundraiser no matter what, I skipped time at Watkins glen, I dropped off friends at a concert and went to listen to a bunch of people twice my age talk about politics, It takes a pretty special person to make me want to do that, and Max easily made it worth while. Sure the rest of the speakers were good, Mayor Coco from Corning was cracking jokes all night, some of which were actually pretty funny (but not all). John Tenello the mayor of Elmira was also there, John is a very personalble person and I wish I had met him while he was campaigning because I would have worked with him in a heartbeat. Then it was Eric’s turn and he spoke with the same fire and courage that made me decide to support him in the first place. Honestly I understand why Kuhl has been “too busy” to debate against him, He is an intimidating speaker. Also they we resolute with the fact that this time around they would not allow any group (swiftboat) to attack any vet without an immediate (24hr) responce from the fighting dems. They will not go quietly into the night.

It was interesting, and I would recomend to anyone who has never met him to walk up to Eric at any event he is attending and talk to him, go ahead and ask him a question. What amazed me the first time I did that was that he actually answered my questions, all of them. I didn’t agree with all his answers but I could respect them.

I may update this later, but at this time im heading off to go see An Inconvienent Truth, hope its as good as I keep hearing.

The Solution September 8, 2006

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The coruption in government is widely known, and one solution to remove a major cause of coruption is to ban all private money from campaigns. This is not a new idea, I have mentioned it before as well as others, but there was always a single glaring flaw. The idea is that when someone wants to run for office they are given a set amount of federal (or state or county depending on race) funding along with a set amount of free publicity in the form of TV time and Radio time. This also means that Debates could be mandated. It also means that having billionaire friends doesn’t give you an advantage. It also means that you can’t buy politicians. The flaw is how do you keep the number of people running reasonable? Well there is already a statute that if your a memeber of a party which gets more than 50,000 votes in a gubernational election then your automaticly on the ballot. We can just use that same system. We will have to leave some way to allow new parties to gain the size required to get on the ballot. Maybe just say that for third parties no corporate money and no donations over $100? There are solutions and this was a big piece of the puzzle that just landed in my lap. Of course there are few in washington who would be willing to cut off their own source of money.

NY-25 Walsh caught lying? September 8, 2006

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DKos: NY-25 Walsh

I’m not terribly familiar with Walsh but I thought this deserved a quick post. Read it for yourself and decide what you think. I’ll bring you info but its up to you to decide who you support.

The Fighting 29th/ Kuhls New Ad September 8, 2006

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I somehow forgot to add this site to my blogroll before, sorry bout that. So check it out, heres the link in case you don’t feel like sliding your right a few inches to the right.

Fighting 29th

And actually Im going to link to this too because I had been hoping to see the Kuhl ad.

Fighting 29th: Kuhl’s New Ad

Thanks fighters!

Elections aren’t about Issues September 7, 2006

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Common Dreams: Elections

Think about what happens in campaign after campaign. The Democrat comes before the public and says, “If you read my 10-point policy plan, I’m sure you’ll vote for me. Let’s go over it point by point.” The Republican then comes before the public, points to the Democrat, and says, “That guy is a weak, elitist liberal who hates you and everything you stand for. I’m one of you and he’s not.” And guess who wins.

Another great article from Common Dreams

Wall Street Journal looks at upstate races September 7, 2006

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WSJ: Dems look to Hillary

I think alot of upstate Dems are really trying to keep their distance from Hillary Clinton as she is too polarizing and not really on the positive side up here. Shes going to win her seat but its not from this district. Anyway decent article so I posted it, Ill post any article that I see in a major newspaper that talks about local campaigns.

Kuhl takes on MoveOn ads, again September 1, 2006

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I say again only because I already covered this but this was a pretty good article so I wanted to post it.

Democrat and Chronicle: Kuhl Decries MovOn TV ads

Kuhl on Tuesday in Corning called the ads “absolutely outrageous” and suggested he may sue the group. “These ads tried to defame and discredit congressional candidates,” he said. Kuhl said the ads are no longer running after his campaign complained to local television stations.

Obviously they are trying to discredit your record thats the point.

On Wednesday, local Move-On.org activists held a news conference outside Pittsford Town Hall, claiming Congress has approved $300 billion for the war and put the cost to taxpayers in the 29th District at $909 million.

That line drives home the point better than anything else said. We are perfectly capable of ignoring the suffering of others but when you show that our area has spend nearly a billion dollars to fight a war that most of the country now thinks we were lied about. I have a hard time believing that any Representative could pull in a billion dollars to their district to offset what was spent.

Eric Massa Article August 31, 2006

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Hornell Evening Tribune: Why Eric is Running

 Nice article about Eric Massa and his campaign.