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What is the point of this website? good question. I want to get people interested in politics because I believe that there are too many people who think that politics don’t effect them so why should they get involved? Because politics in some manner effect almost every aspect of daily life and therefore it is everyones responsiblity to be active at some level. Democracy is built on the idea that a the power comes from the masses, but the people must be informed.

I decided to try to make this as a debate site because I enjoy debates because it forces both sides to really challenge both the other and there own reasoning, and I think its fun. There is also the fact that I am not neutral, I have my own political leaning (youll figure out which way pretty quickly) and so the only way I could think to have a biased person run an unbiased site was to have debates and invite and encourage people of ny affiliation to join in, and I hope to find a few people of opposing ideals to become authors.

So have fun invite your friends and lets keep it civilized ok? Enjoy!

– Kilgore Trout

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