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slacking December 6, 2006

Posted by Kilgore Trout in Uncategorized.

Im sorry to those who were checking the site on a regular basis. I haven’t had much time and the truth is that I have a bit more interest in the national politics than the local, partially because there is limited local media which makes it difficult to get around bias and find out whats really going on. So while I will try to get more involved with local affairs it will be a little slim at least for the near future, one thing I do hope to follow closely is the notion of Elmira privatizing its water board. This is a subject which I have limited knowledge, but everyone I know who knows about the subject is very opposed to the idea. I hope to get involved directly in trying to maintain our most cricital resource in the hands of the people as opposed to being at the whim of a few people behind closed doors, because that is what democracy is all about. I will not be told I cannot have water because coke-cola is decreasing supply to increase profits. If thats sounds far fetched then you probably have never heard of Enron either. sorry thats a bit cynical. The point is simply that Water is something too critical to be taken out of the domain of democracy.



1. mittwins - December 8, 2006

speaking of slacking, look at how badly the modern day Republicans are slacking!

they’ve turned to an old icon:


2. Tom - December 9, 2006

Now is not the time to slack. Now is the time to take stock of lessons learned in the 2006 campaign season. Did candidates have enough people on the ground to get the? Do your local activists need campaign training? Now is the time to address these issues—not in the heat of the next campaign.

For anyone who recently worked on a campaign, now is the time to lay the groundwork for what to do differently. Now is the time to make plans to stay connected with the campaign volunteers you met along the way–these same people are most likely going to be around for the next major campaign.

One suggestion to stay connected is to form your own Democracy for America group. It’s simple–go to http://www.dfalink.com and create a group. This group organizing/event planning website is free and easy to use. Spread the word about the group and how to register. Then start having meetings or events. Do anything to keep the contacts alive–do community service volunteer work, have planning sessions, find out who wants to run for office and start planning for that. Have a movie night…have a potluck supper.

The 50-state strategy works…is your area ready??

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