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End of the Line November 7, 2006

Posted by Kilgore Trout in Uncategorized.

(warning: still cell phone blogging, in other word errors abound)

Well even at this early hour we have one piece of good news, the net is blowing up about the problems with the electronic voting machines. Over on the left we’ve been saying they have fatal flaws for a while but now even the repubs are saying they’re flawed, which means they’re done for. So that’s one good thing, it does mean that there will be a lot of inaccurate votes this time but we should be good for 08, hey I’m in an optimistic mood today. That’s all for now. I’d drop some links but its kinda a pain on the phone, just go too daily kos or pretty much any political site (other than this one ) and you’ll get some good info. Have a good one, and go Vote!

Ok well wordpress didn’t want to work for me so I’m adding more.

Eric just stopped by, I have no idea how he still has the energy to fire up a crowd when he’s been up since 330 am, oh and he’s got broncitis. But man he’s still got it, of course he has been waiting for this day for almost two years now. Like a kid on christmas who has to wait for others to decide if santa came.

What limited info we have sounds good. Huge turnout, and rain. Now for most rain sounds like a bad thing, my thinking is that clearly our side is more fired up, there’s more of them but we care more, and at this point even that first point is questionable. So if its raining it will prevent some people who don’t care as much, hmm… Which side is that. Yeah I think the rain is actually a good thing.

Well two and a half hours to go…



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