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Predictions November 6, 2006

Posted by Kilgore Trout in Uncategorized.

Well as an oh-so-amateur pundit I’ve got to make a few predictions about the big day.
First the house, I’m saying that tomorrow we take back about 18 seats, that’s tomorrow, then there will probably be about 10 more during the re-counts, and maybe 2 more during the trials of Rove and Diebold. These will be long drawn out affairs, the trials may take longer than the term in office but in the end the Diebold machines (as they are now at least) will not be allowed to be used in any further elections. Diebold will get a new name and a slightly more difficult to hack machine but will still be good friends with the Republican party but that isn’t going to gain them much after the party disbands in the winter of 2009-10.

Ad for the Senate, I haven’t been paying much attention so I’ll go with 5-7. yeah it’s a lame prediction because that means that anything could happen and I didn’t really predict anything. Hmmm… maybe a could be a professional pundit, and actually if we had some Democrats in office then maybe the media would actually hire a liberal talking head, oh sorry, gotta’ give props to Keith Olberman. He wishes he was Edward R. Murrow, he’s got the idea he just didn’t have the name going into it.

So anyway, those are my predictions. Lots of races to close to call, their will be cheating, there is already cheating going on but we will take the house anyway. And someone will end up in jail, probably not Rove, he would get a pardon anyway, they’ll blame it on some lackey. The senate I don’t have a clue, I’ll be psyched if it happens but its far far from a guarantee.



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