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hillary live blog November 3, 2006

Posted by Kilgore Trout in Uncategorized.

This may have more errors than usual, I’m doing this live, on a phone so bear with me.

Hillary hits the stage. She kinda reminds me of my mom…but shorter.
The usual stuff. Mostly about getting out to vote. And that the republicans have failed. Unfortunately I’m surrounded by labor folks who I don’t care for. I won’t get into that now. Hill’s doin alright. Probably cause of the aucustics it sounds like shes yelling. Oh well.
Eric’s up, going a little deaf from the cheers. Pretty good energy from the stage and the crowd, of course I’m used to punk concerts so its probably damn good energy for a political event. Eric’s sounding more like the Eric I like. Oh bringin out the family. I’ve met the kids before, this is the first time I’ve seen the wife. Not sure why I’m mentionig that. He has the audience hooked. No one really talks about issues, but they don’t need to, these are their people and there’s three days left. One last send offf from clinton, she’s better than I expected, and its done.

Ok now I’m in line to meet hillary. And they won’t stop playing U2 beautiful day. Springstien came on, I got happy, then it cut out and went back to U2. WTF They turned out the lights. Were trying to leave. BTW I don’t think I’m actually goint to meet the senator, now I think this is just the line to leave.

Oh and I need to point out that the secret service guy was kinda ammusing, the only person looking at the audience instead of the stage.

Well that pretty much wraps it up, nothing of importancee was said, it was a cheerleading event. And not a very long one at that.



1. From Jasper - November 5, 2006

Those of us in the sticks–so to speak–think General Clark coming to rural Steuben is more significant than Sen. Clinton. Still, she did the right and impressive thing by making this visit. Even in Steuben we voted for Schumer, just very barely, which should remind all of you that we are thinking people.

2. his mom - November 5, 2006

SHE REMINDS YOU OF YOUR MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. Kilgore Trout - November 6, 2006

Sorry Mom, just the hair. There are worse people that you could be compared to. Hey I was standing in a crowded room and when she first came on stage she looked like you. I guess I never said looks in the post, opps.

Well thanks for stoping by mom and I might stop in tomorrow, I’ll be in Corning for the Victory Party down the street.

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