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Republicans go negative, very negative October 31, 2006

Posted by Kilgore Trout in Uncategorized.

Now I can’t blame this entirely on Randy, for the same reason I can’t blame Massa for the MoveOn ads, although Kuhl could at least denounce the ads as Eric did, and I would guess that if Kuhl when to the RCCC (I think that’s who ran the ad) and said this ad is hurting me please stop, they probably would.

Am I being partisan by saying this was a negative ad? Watch it for yourself.


If that’s not the definition of a negative ad then I don’t know what is. Again Kuhl does not endorse the ad, but he damn well better denounce it soon or he is an udder hypocrite.

UPDATE: Kuhl has asked for the Ad to be pulled. Thank you Randy. And hat tip to Rottenchester in the comments.



1. Rottenchester - October 31, 2006

FWIW, Kuhl’s already issued a statement saying he wants the ad pulled:


2. Kilgore Trout - October 31, 2006

Well thats good. Thank you for the update.

3. Kathy - October 31, 2006

But I truly don’t think it a coincidence that both Kuhl’s most recent ad AND at least two mailings from his campaign bash Massa on Social Security in the very same way that the RNCC ad does. Where else is a Democrat bashed on Social Security?

4. LV Veteran - October 31, 2006

And the Kuhl radio ad I heard today saying the Eric is going to raise every tax there is (listed all of them). It was Kuhl’s own ad with his own approval. I have not heard Eric say he wants to raise any tax.

5. penn yan pepper - October 31, 2006

Listen: Randy distorted Massa’s position on Social Security big-time. Period. And of course they knew those RCC ads were going to run. There is a BIG senior vote in Steuben and Chemung Counties. I am proud of Massa for fighting back and trying to set the record straight. Anyone know how “The Corning Leader” is going to endorse? Or if they have? The weekly in Bath has a very pro-endorsement of Congressman Kuhl this week.

6. Kilgore Trout - November 1, 2006

If The Leader hasn’t officially endorced Kuhl than they might as well because they have done their part to help him.

LV, thanks I haven’t heard the radio ad yet, my drive to work is short and thats about the only time I listen to the radio.

Penn Yan and Kathy, I’m not disagreeing Massa’s stance has been twisted around. All I was trying to say is that they have made it a little difficult to attack them in that if we attack Kuhl then we’re hypocrites for deffending Massa with the same shield that Kuhl is using now. I agree that they aren’t the same shield as Kuhl has more influence in the RCC (or is it RCCC?) than Massa has with MoveOn, but it is a very similar issue and I don’t want to be completely partisan by attacking kuhl on the issue while deffending massa for almost the same thing. Theres plenty of other stuff to attack Kuhl about I just won’t use that one particular ad against him. I’ll have to use the radio ad that LV mentioned or his record, thats all. Thanks everyone.
Go Eric!

7. olean gal - November 2, 2006

Hi—Am I right that the “Corning Leader” over the weekend endorsed Massa? That would add them to the Elmira newspaper. And has anyone else heard this theory going around that Monroe GOP leaders are goingto quietly not do much to assist Rep. Kuhl, in order thatMassa might pull an upset and go on to be a one-termer, defeated by a MONROE COUNTY Republican in 2008? Then, when parts of Steuben and Chemung and maybe Allegheny are absorbed by other existent districts after the 2010 Census, Monroe at least will be left with a GOP incumbent within a major population area?

8. Kilgore Trout - November 2, 2006

I just did a little googling and couldn’t find out anything about The Leader endorsements. I will say that they are endorsing Kuhl, I just don’t know if they officially anounced it. And BTW the Star-Regret is endorsing Kuhl not Massa, then again the S-G has always been republican.

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