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Local Judges, Ramich and Finnerty October 31, 2006

Posted by Kilgore Trout in Uncategorized.

Ramich and Finnerty are running for judge in Elmira. I don’t know either of them, I don’t even know much about either one. When I ask people almost everyone has said Ramich is a jerk, but then half say Im not sure if thats abad thing for a judge. But my mind was made up the other day inthe simplest of manners. I asked a person I work with who has nearly identical values as myself. She know Finnerty fairly well and thinks very highly of him. Her endorsement was enough for me. I’m not telling you who to vote for I just felt like I needed to say something about this race. Oh and Finnerty is the Republican, I’m supporting him anyway, because at the local level I’m convinced that party is not critical, and I’m not sure why judges are members of parties anyway.



1. LV Veteran - October 31, 2006

Really. we choose judges the wrong way. A personal endorsement from your friend who knows him well enough to judge him is very valuable! In fact, he sounds like someone I might consider voting for if he were running here. Judges have to follow guidelines and do not have a lot of room in those guidelines. They do what they have to do.

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