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Torture, WTF? October 17, 2006

Posted by Kilgore Trout in Campaign, Civil Liberties, Fighting Dems, International, Local, Politicians, Values, War.

Torture. It’s the kind of thing where because of all the build up to it I wasn’t shocked when it passed. But then you take a step back and reflect and the plain truth comes out, we’re America, we don’t torture people. That’s it. Make any argument you want for its you and I’ll say blah blah blah, we’re America we don’t torture people. I cannot imagine standing in front of congress and saying that you think we need a law legalizing inhumane treatment of prisoners in order to fight terrorism. If your torturing people then which side of the gate are the terrorists on? Torture is by definition terror. It also amazes me how many people don’t even know its going on.


Even my conservative buddy was a little stunned that we actually legalized torture, he then went into the standard response of well I’d rather torture a few terrorists than let innocent people die. Of course the fact that we aren’t torturing people convicted of anything, we are legalizing torturing suspects means that we will be torturing innocent people as well, but that’s acceptable to the opposition because… um, Remember 9/11!!!! Not that torture can be used to prevent an attack because its known to be a highly unreliable way to get info from a person so then what’s left as a justification? Revenge. I don’t want to be a part of a country who’s international policies are based on crude revenge against an entire race. Its wrong and it’s as un-American as anything I can think of.


And for the record this issue finally came up in the Massa-Kuhl debates and as you would expect Massa a Navy Vet is opposed to torturing innocent people, and Kuhl who pulls shotguns on people during a dinner party is in favor of it. Oh and an interesting side note, a Japanese officer was sentenced to 15 years hard labor for waterboarding an American. So a practice that we described as a war crime 60 years ago is now being legalized…

 Land of the free, home of the brave.



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