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Spitzer Campaigning with Massa September 21, 2006

Posted by Kilgore Trout in Campaign, Politicians.

To be honest all I heard about spitzer right from the start was that he was a shoo-in so I never really found out anything about him, so I still don’t know anything about him other than that his is going to win.

If you want more info about some of the upcoming events just look here

Its a Massa Press release.

In pointed remarks to veterans, Massa cited the VFW PAC’s extreme displeasure with Kuhl’s voting record on veterans’ issues.  In particular, he pointed to a spring 2006 military appropriations spending bill that slashed funding for research and treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) at

Center.  Kuhl voted in favor of that bill.  


According to the Disabled American Veterans web site, Kuhl’s voting record on veterans’ issues is among the weakest in Congress.  “For 2005-2006 it’s 85% ‘against,’” said
Massa.  “That demonstrates that for Randy Kuhl, and for the Republican Congress in general, ‘support the troops’ is little more than an empty slogan.” 
Massa quoted Jim Mueller, commander-in-chief of the 2.4 million-member Veterans of Foreign Wars: “You either take care of the troops, or you don’t.” 


Massa also repeated his call for significant expansion of the Canandaigua VA Hospital, citing its vital importance as a center for treatment of TBI and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). 
Due to the nature of
Iraq war combat, veterans are returning with much higher rates of such injuries than from previous conflicts, and both candidates said that a reduction of services or closure of the hospital would be a grievous disservice to veterans. 


Despite recurring rumors of the facility’s imminent closure,
Massa said that he didn’t think that was likely for political reasons.  “I’d be more inclined to expect an October Surprise, with my opponent riding in on a white horse to save the day.  That’s not good enough.  Keeping it open for a few months or a year to buy some votes is inadequate.  Given the enormous need and this facility’s expertise, we need stable, long-term funding and a significant expansion of services.” 


Eric Massa’s campaign to represent NY’s 29th District in Congress is one of the top challenger races in the country.  The 29th stretches from southern
County into the Southern Tier of New York State, and from the towns of Olean to
Elmira.  Eric Massa aims to restore leadership and integrity to Congress. 
Massa’s campaign is focused on jobs, veterans’ issues, health care, and national security.  He is a vigorous champion of veterans’ benefits and health care coverage for all Americans.  Massa lives in Corning, NY with his wife of 20 years,
Beverly, and their two teenage children, Justin and Alexandra.



1. theorganizer - September 24, 2006

Spitzer is probably the most awesome Attorney General in the Country. I’m disappointed he’s running. Just because he’s a great AG doesn’t mean he’ll make a great Governor, and I think what he was doing with the AG’s office was really different and interesting and needed in New York, the seat of financial power, more than anywhere else.

2. DragonFlyEye - September 25, 2006

@Kilgore: I wrote a review of the “Town Hall Debate” thing that happened a month or so ago, you can read it here. That’s at least a decent run-down on Spitzer’s positions as he articulated them that night. You’re basic Liberal political menu, no surprises, but he does seem to have a good command of the facts that his opponents seemed to lack.

@theorganizer: I know what you mean, but the only way we find these things out is for people to try. I don’t think that there’s any question he has a handle on the facts, as stated above, and being the AG means dealing with a lot of the Administrative Branch tasks very closely, actually. I think he’s in a good position to know what needs to get done, the question is of course, “will he/can he do it?”

One of my barometers is Clean Money, Clean Elections, which Spitzer has many times endorsed, yet remained quiet about during the campaign. Little wonder that a system of public financing would make bad voodoo when you’re drumming up campaign contributions, but he’s well-since past the time when he needed any more. When he’s governor, the CMCE people will come knocking again, and then we’ll know how serious he is about such things. . . .

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