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Harry Reid found his spine September 18, 2006

Posted by Kilgore Trout in National/International News, Politicians, War.

DKos: Harry Reid

The Dems come outta the corner swinging, finally. They see that the base isn’t looking for comfort, we aren’t looking to avoid confrontation, we’re looking for action, we want leaders with a vision and a will strong enough to stand behind that vision. This statement can be argued a little, if you count dropping a bomb on a guy justice, but hits the nail on the head.


Five years after September 11, not a single terrorist has been brought to justice under the President’s flawed policy.


Now we just need a few hundred more Dems that are willing to put their neck on their lines and just be honest. America is angry, we want change and the only group that can possible implement that change right now is the Democratic party, but if they aren’t willing to step up to the challenge then the people will find others who can, well that or will fall into a neo-conservative fundamentalist oligarchy. If that happens my non-violent views will be thrown out the window, there are threats to our society that are worth killing for, and worth dieing for, at this time those threats from within are far more powerful than the threats from afar.


So Thank you Harry Reid for giving us hope, for showing that the Dems aren’t going to lay down in front of the freewheeling bulldozer any longer. The more you stand up and shout the more we will support you.



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