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Ethanol and Plug-in Hybrids September 15, 2006

Posted by Kilgore Trout in Economic, Energy, Evironment.

MSNBC: honda – ethanol

The one draw back with Ethanol has been using corn to produce the alcohol. Honda has found an efficient way to use the garbage left over from everything we grow to produce Ethanol. The idea of using biomass is nothing new, what is new is that they have been able to use biomass efficiently enough to make it a viable option. Sure there are still issues with Ethanol, its not perfect but its the best we’ve got that we can implement immediately, or if our law makers have their way implement at some point in the vaguely foreseeable future. But the great part is we don’t need laws for this, if we voice our opinions to the car manufacturers we can get this to happen without needing to deal with partisan issues. As for those who prefer hydrogen, hydrogen cars are cute little pipe dream that might be viable 30 years from now. Even then why would I want to carry a chemical-electric power plant around in my car when we could just use Hydrogen to power the power plant and use an electric car? Hydrogen seems like it was brought up solely so that politicians could point and say, “see were doing something” while sitting back and not dealing with the issue immediately.

MSNBC: plug-in hybrids

Plug in Hybrids. I think its cool that people have begun retro-fitting hybrids to be plug-inable. but now that I have said that a quick warning. I worked at a Toyota dealership for a while, DONT MESS AROUND UNDER THE HOOD OF A PRIUS. There’s a couple of big-ol’ orange cables and if you decided to unhook one it will kill you. The big plastic block they go into is a huge capacitor that is more than capable of dealing you enough amperage to make you life come to a very sudden stop. Then again if you have a Prius your probably not the type of person who is going to be doing a lot of work on your car. Ok back to the article. I like the idea I just wish someone else was promoting it. Right now it is a utility company that is touting this as a great idea. Hmm so the electric company thinks we need cars that can plug into an outlet, I wonder why they would think that’s a great idea…. I feel bad always being cynical.



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