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An Inconvienent Truth September 12, 2006

Posted by Kilgore Trout in Evironment, Uncategorized.

If you haven’t seen it then find the closest theater and go tonight. My only disappointment was that the theater was empty. Admittedly it was an early show at a small theatre in a small town on a Monday. Probably not the busiest of times for any show but it was literally my friend and I and a movie.

There are of course those who are going to say that the movie isn’t correct, there are others who will say that its purely for political purposes. The first point is addressed in the film, 900+ articles from peer reviewed journals were looked at that dealt with global warming not a single one refuted the basic premise that humans are responsible for an increase in the global temperature. As for why people think there is debate in the scientific community, the same group looked at media coverage out of 600+ news articles 53% argued that humans were not having an impact. Giving both sides equal coverage is only fair and balanced when both sides of the argument have at least similar credibility. They can’t show both sides of a war but the can show both sides of a environmental debate that doesn’t exist. The other point is that its just for political gain, and he might try to run for president again. I have no idea if he will run again, I have heard the rumor, but this has never helped him politically. He has fought for environmental issues for several decades now and his political opponents have always used that against him. The number of people in this country who’s number one priority is the environment is an awfully small group to have for a base, which is sad. We really do need to start getting active with this before its too late. It has to start somewhere it has to start sometime what better place than here what better time than now? – Rage Against the Machine

If you can watch this video and you don’t go home and turn off a light then well I guess we’re doomed. actually on that note when we got to my friends house after the movie he realized that he had turned on his heat the night before but never made sure his A/C was off.



1. geoff morgan - November 13, 2006

excellent film. makes you really think as it has all the signs and it show the truth..wake up all of us

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