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Wind Power take 2 September 8, 2006

Posted by Kilgore Trout in Energy, Evironment.

My old post about wind power has brought up some new points so I wanted to bring that to the top. I also want to say that I wish I had seen this this before. Cohocton Clean  as it does the anti-wind side far more justice than the other site I had used which argued that wind farms create earthquakes.

In leaving a comment I had an idea. Why don’t we build turbines on top of the high-tension power lines? we have already created huge towers which ruin the landscape and criss-cross the country. If we just stuck a turbine on top, or for lines running N-S you could just stick it on the side to avoid height issues. Sure they won’t be massive wind farms and they won’t create a ton of energy but its some and there would be basically zero environmental impact, well beyond what was already there. Plus with a transformer you could just tap into the existing lines on the high-tension lines, so no new wires would need to be run. Once again this isn’t a solution, but its an idea that seems viable that could reduce our consumption of fossil fuels, even if its only a fraction of a percent its something.

As for wind in general I need to study up on both sides before I put myself strongly into either camp. I will say that any reduction in fossil fuels is a good thing. And Nukes are not sustainable.

oh here’s my old post. AOTP: Wind Power



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