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Condi and the Civil War September 5, 2006

Posted by Kilgore Trout in National/International News, Politicians, War.

NY Daily News: Condi uses Civil War to slap Iraq critics

Basically transcribe what I said about Rummyand put it here, of course change Dons name with Condi’s. This is not the same as the civil war, not in any possible way. First off it would have been more reasonable if she had said that the war protesters were like the people during the civil war who said I don’t want to kill to my brothers.This is not about running away in the middle of a war this is about being against the occupation before it even began. Yes, we would be better off if we left immediately. Would Iraq be better off? Whenever we leave things will get worse for a while. If it happens tomorrow or it happens in twenty years things will get bad. But things are bad and untill we set actual goals things cannot get better. Why is it absurd to think that giving Iraq Goals can be a bad thing? I support an immediate withdrawal, but at and absolute minimum we need to set goals and a time-line that they must meet those goals by.



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