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Kuhl takes on MoveOn ads, again September 1, 2006

Posted by Kilgore Trout in Campaign, Politicians, War.

I say again only because I already covered this but this was a pretty good article so I wanted to post it.

Democrat and Chronicle: Kuhl Decries MovOn TV ads

Kuhl on Tuesday in Corning called the ads “absolutely outrageous” and suggested he may sue the group. “These ads tried to defame and discredit congressional candidates,” he said. Kuhl said the ads are no longer running after his campaign complained to local television stations.

Obviously they are trying to discredit your record thats the point.

On Wednesday, local Move-On.org activists held a news conference outside Pittsford Town Hall, claiming Congress has approved $300 billion for the war and put the cost to taxpayers in the 29th District at $909 million.

That line drives home the point better than anything else said. We are perfectly capable of ignoring the suffering of others but when you show that our area has spend nearly a billion dollars to fight a war that most of the country now thinks we were lied about. I have a hard time believing that any Representative could pull in a billion dollars to their district to offset what was spent.



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