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Kuhl vs. MoveOn.org August 29, 2006

Posted by Kilgore Trout in Campaign, Local Media, Politicians.

I was informed that Kuhl was holding press conference today in my neck of the woods. He wanted to talked about the MoveOn.org Ads. I was particularly interested as I have not yet met with Randy Kuhl. Time was getting short and at about quarter of 2 a call went out to Kuhls local office to see where the conference was. The person answering the phone
(I think it was Kathy) did not know where the conference was, but said to call back in ten when her supervisor would be back. Ten minutes later I was put on hold….. only to find out that they still didn’t know where the conference was and there were five minutes untill it started. This did not sit well with me that my congressperson could not even tell his staff where he was going to be holding a press confrence.



1. Bud - August 30, 2006

If you called Kuhl’s taxpayer-financed Congressional office, they don’t have anything to do with his campaign activities. Those are run out of his other political office. Next time call his campaign at 607-776-9999.

2. Kilgore Trout - August 30, 2006

Thats the number I called. I would have understood if I had called the wrong office.

3. Kilgore Trout - September 1, 2006

Oh and the Press Conference was in Corning so I wouldn’t have made it any how, not that it changes anything.

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