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Randy Kuhls support of Halliburton August 24, 2006

Posted by Kilgore Trout in Campaign, Politicians.

Star-Gazette: Ad blitz attacks Kuhls support of the War.

Update: Why didn’t anyone point out that my original title didn’t make any sense and misspelled Halliburton? Oh well.

There is a little article in the Star-Gazette regarding a recent series of ads paid for by MoveOn. Depending on your view point it is either going to show how the liberals will go to any length to attack the Republicans, or it is shows how the Republicans have plundered the treasury for the sake of a few very rich people. In this case the opposition has a valid point, MoveOn saying that he voted for dumping billions into Iraq and specifically $18 billion into Halliburton is not correct, as the appropriations were voted for prior to Kuhl taking office. MoveOn’s response is that he voted four times against penalizing companies for overcharging the Military. In this the bigger mistake on MoveOn part is that they used the argument they did, had they used the point made in response it would have been even more damning. To give out money to a company known for shady tactics is bad but to say, “I don’t want to hold companies accountable for wasting taxpayer money” is a whole nother level. Overcharging is simply another form of stealing, it is taking money which you have not earned which is stealing. We give them no-bid contracts so they can charge incredible profit and then they turn around and overcharge us anyway, that’s arrogance. So how do we stop Halliburton and others from robbing the American people? We could start by ensuring that we don’t live under a single party in power. Because no nation can survive as a single party system. For that reason even if Kuhl had done everything perfectly, he would still be a part of the problem. His being in office helps maintain that one party system. This is why without doing a thing Eric Massa could look like a very viable option, then you research him and well… decide for yourself. Read both plans for the future and see which you’d rather live in. Then decide if both are being honest with their visions. This is a bit tougher with the non-incumbent as you cannot simply view their voting records as you can with a current politician. There is only one question, has Randy Kuhl done anything so great that it is worth living under a single party?

If you question why a single party is so dangerous just leave a comment and we can discuss that.



1. chillychumpy - August 26, 2006

Maybe Kuhl gets a complimentary $90 hammer for blocking any accountability?

2. Bud - August 29, 2006

I find it interesting that people are so willing to buy the “rubber stamp” line that national Democrats are selling without first checking the facts. In fact, according to the National Journal, Randy Kuhl’s “presidential support” rating in terms of his votes is almost exactly the same as Amo Houghton’s was and Amo is viewed as some wildly independent Republican. The lesson of these misleading MoveOn ads is to explore the nuances to find the truth, people. Outside interests have their agendas and they’ll twist facts to make their points.

3. DragonFlyEye - August 29, 2006

Wait, so this guy’s voting with the Prez 86% of the time and so was the supposed “independent” Republican, and it’s the ad that’s misleading? Maybe the trouble is that the Republican concept of “independence” falls somewhat short of expectation.

4. Kilgore Trout - August 29, 2006

Im not particularly concerned with the percentage of vote along party lines, I am concerned with how my congressman votes for things that matter to me. To stay on the issue, I do not support this war. As there is a mound of evidence as to why we should never have gone there I will ask you why you do support the war?

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