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Global Ban on US rice August 22, 2006

Posted by Kilgore Trout in Uncategorized.

Common Dreams: Greenpeace demands global ban on imports of US rice

It hasn’t happened globally yet but some countries already have. Also you may want to be careful of your own rice as the contamination of genetically engineered (GE) rice is not approved for consumption. How exactly did something that is not approved for consumption or even cultivation end up in the food supply?

There are larger problems than simply being cut off from exporting the single most important food in the world. There is also the issue that if this become a trend where companies contaminating the food supplies then not only will we have safety concerns for our own food but also the world may block more and more of our food exports. We produce plenty of food to feed ourselves but farmers will lose their export business. The exact amount of food exported I do not know but the last this our economy needs is decrease our exports as this would increase our already lopsided import/export ratio. There are still a lot of local farms in this area so this could ultimately effect us locally. You have to fight these battles before they get to your own little corner or else there will be no one left to fight with you. Maybe the slope isn’t as slippery as that, but maybe it is…



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