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Line Item Veto August 21, 2006

Posted by Kilgore Trout in Economic, National.

This bill has been approved by the House and is heading to the Senate soon. I’m not completely sure how I feel about it. The basic idea of the law is to allow the President to Veto individual parts of a budget rather than having to Veto the entire thing. The advantages are clear, much easier to pass a budget as controversial parts can be vetoed and changed later allowing the majority to go through on schedule. Also it possible that the President will decrease spending by shooting down wasteful appropriations.  My concerns are that it gives the President greater authority, and with all the recent activities I fear centralizing power in the legislative branch any further. But much of this concern has been allieved when I found out that these vetoes can be overridden just like a normal Veto so this is simply pinpointing a power already specifically given to the President by the Constitution. My only other concern is that if there are any less than honest Congresspersons they will throw in large amounts of pork for their area so that they look good to their constituents while telling the president just to veto them to avoid problems. All in all it seems like a good idea. The minor issue I have pointed out seems out weighed by the obvious benefits, at least to me.



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