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Deficit will be halved ahead of 2009 goal August 18, 2006

Posted by Kilgore Trout in Economic, Politicians.

Reuters: Bush – deficit in half

First off he means the the budget deficit will be halved not the national debt. What he means is that by being fiscally conservative instead of spending $260 billion more than we have, hes only going to spend $130 billion more than we have. um sweet??? It needs to be pointed out that before he took office when some damn liberal was in charge we spent $200 billion LESS than we spent. See that’s how you reduce or at least stop increasing the National Debt.


It makes me sad to think that this is going to be touted as some triumph when its simply reducing the failure. People are so numb to reality that I guarentee someone is going to tell me that he is going to cut the Debt half in the next few years which is so far from reality its not even funny. Maybe if his claims are true then he will only add one more trillion to the Debt before he heads back to Crawford. And these are Republicans who ran on the idea of fiscal conservation and debt reduction. I think I need a beer.

graphs from Kowa Design



1. chillychumpy - August 21, 2006

Nice graphs. They say it better than any words can.

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