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Lamont Wins Primary August 9, 2006

Posted by Kilgore Trout in National, Politicians.

CNN: Lieberman concedes to Lamont

Holy Joe goes down to the unknown challenger. This is a man who was supreme court decision away from being the vice-president and now he can’t even hold on to his seat. This is big in that it shows that the voters have had enough of this war, it shows that the Democrats might finally be willing to stand up to the republicans, and they started by standing up to the republican in their party.

But Lieberman plans to run anyway, even though he lost the primary he is going to go against the democratic party, not much of a surprise as he has been going against the democratic party for years now. To lose the primary and then turn around and run anyway shows contempt for the voters and for the party you have been a part of for so many years. Please Joe you’ve had a good run just go out graciously.

I need to show this headline as it cracked me up.

Salon: Lieberman Wins!

Now that’s an optimist.

One more

 CNet: Did Bloggers cost Lieberman an election?

They/We would like to think that we have that kind of influence and I’m sure they were a part, but its always going to be impossible to know exactly what influenced the voters.



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