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Global Warming August 9, 2006

Posted by Kilgore Trout in Evironment.

Apparently people are starting to grasp the severity of global warming. We are coming to terms with the concept that this is not only anissue for people in china, or that we need to wait for someone to invent a cure. The fix for global starts in the home. The simple and cheap things and remember if you save energy your helping the environment, and your lowering your NYSEG bill, and I think we’re all in favor of that. I’m not even talking about buying better windows and insulation, I’m talking about turning off lights and TV’s. Turn the heat down in the winter and reduce your A/C usage in the summer. This isn’t ground breaking stuff just simple things like don’t drive to the mall if you only need one little item, wait till you have several errands to run. When a light bulb burns out buy the more efficient florescent style bulbs. And finally vote in elected officials who are going to continue this theme onto a national level. I’m not talking about the guy who says we should stabilize CO2 I’m talking about the people pushing to really get away from fossil fuels. People who say that we need to increase wind, water, solar and tidal power. There is no single thing we can do to rid ourselves of oil, that simply means that we are going to need to do many small things.

Here is a local person who understands.

Star-Gazette: letter to the editor



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