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Massa and Kuhl sittin’ in a tree….. August 3, 2006

Posted by Kilgore Trout in Campaign, Local, Politicians.

no no no that’s not it at all.

OK so Kuhl goes to Iraq, Massa says hes politicising the issue. First off I hate that term politicising, I mean if it involves a politician who is soon to be up for election then of course its political, their lives are political. So sorry, no points for Massa. But yeah I think it was just a stunt so no points awarded for Kuhl either. I’m trying to find details about the trip but they claim they are classified for security reasons. The Corning Leader; Kuhl visits with Iraqi delegation. Because I had seen this in the Star-Gazette and wanted more info. Here is the persons opinion.

Massa’s constant criticism is growing old
August 3, 2006

Democrat Eric Massa feels that U.S. Rep. Randy Kuhl’s trip to Iraq is a waste of money and accuses Kuhl of “playing politics with our uniformed military.”Did Massa feel the same way when Sen. Hillary Clinton embarked on her Iraq junket last year? If Massa feels so offended that Kuhl is playing politics at the expense of our troops, why did he attempt to hold a purely political news conference at the Veterans Memorial site at Wisner Park in Elmira a few weeks ago? This site is hallowed ground and a tribute to those service men and women who gave their lives for our freedom. It’s not a political platform. Let’s cut the hypocrisy. Every time Massa opens his mouth, he slams Kuhl. It’s gotten old. In his many years as a state senator and now as our congressman, Kuhl has always been a class act. His staff is always ready to help.I, too, am a veteran, Mr. Massa, and I welcome Kuhl’s trip to Iraq.

Massa’s constant attacks and negative whining contribute absolutely nothing to the resolution of the many difficulties we face in our nation.

Michael J. Lehmann


OK not an unreasonable view. Massa has been on the offensive for quite some time. I mean the man began campaigning against Kuhl the day he took office. Does that mean he’s a raving lunatic out for revenge? Maybe or he is just very passionate that Kuhl is the wrong man for the job. I have only met Massa once, I think I met Randy too but I didn’t get to talk to him, Eric seemed like a very genuine person. Maybe a little cold but then I had been grilling him a bit at a press conference. The thing that amazed me was that he would actually answer the question I asked and not the one he wishes I had asked. For that reason I feel the need to defend him a little here. So here we go.

Did Massa complain about Clinton’s trip, no. Of course Hillary wasn’t locked into a very close campaign within 100 days of the election either. So while Hillary’s was still political, as I said before almost every action by a politician is a political move. It is not the same, I will give you that its similar, obviously. The other reason of course being that they are in the same party and there is incredible hypocrisy on both sides when -(R) and -(D) get involved. I shall save us all the trouble and just leave it as the bar moves when it’s your opponent, no matter what side of the isle your on. Massa said “Everyone who has everbeen in the military knows that when the VIPs show up, its time to paint the rocks. They don’t get access to the real data.” This is just saying that Kuhl would not have seen what was really going on there even if his goal was to see the truth.

As for the memorial at Wisner Park. First off he’s running for office and holds a press conference, of course it political!!! sorry ’bout the yelling. But my real point is this I would rather see a politician speaking against the war in Wisner Park than to see one young person go into Woodlawn. (Woodlawn being the national cemetery in Elmira for those not aware)

As for Kuhl always being a class act, well I’m only going to touch on this briefly as I refuse to attack personally but when I hear Kuhl described by people who know him, Class Act is not a phrase used often.

I will agree that I don’t like negative campaigning and so far this race has been pretty good about being about the issues, and for an incumbent their record is an issue. I agree that I want to here more about what each is going to do to fix our problems, but when one of the people running has been in office and has been given a chance to fix some of these problems then the national problems become the politicians problem. I think Kuhl is starting to wonder if all that buddying up to a president with 34% approval was a great idea. He has chosen his path, now its up to the voters to decide if it was the right one.



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